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Ben Bernanke: “Communication is very important.”


Last Friday, Ben Bernanke held a press conference to update the world on the progress of recovery in the financial system and financial reform.  Ending as usual by taking a few questions, an audience member asked what process of education or information sharing might help prevent future crises, saying: “There is an unusual opportunity now, […]

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Reputation: the right to talk about the future


Bad or good, reputation has become a board-level topic, and front page news.  Still for most people, it is hard to define.  It’s certainly a concept that seems to attract the most attention when it is lost.  That may be one of its unique qualities.  Unlike other intangible drivers of corporate value–brand, intellectual property, customer […]

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Everything you need to know about reputation, you learned in high school


The past year has put more attention on the value of reputation for companies and their leaders than any recent time.  But the rules of reputation are as old as human interaction, and they are learned early.  Reputation is probably the original risk management tool, hard wired into humans and used intuitively by people to […]

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Trust and reputation — necessary but not sufficient


It is interesting how many people want trust and reputation to be the same thing.  It’s understandable, since trust is easy to understand, and reputation is complicated.  Trust certainly is necessary for a good reputation to grow.  And if trust is lost, reputation has to fall. But trust is just a foundation element.  Whether you […]

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Reputation management steps for John Thain


ReputationPoint contributor, Franz Paasche, was asked by Business Insider columnist Lawrence Delevingne to weigh in on a discussion of steps former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain could take to rebuild his reputation. Here’s a link to the article:

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